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Marathon prep

Truly inspired by former/current clients. We all heard the saying "life" is like a "marathon"! With no surprise, they were all right, so what's better than running that race?  The answer is, Running it with the tools you need to be YOUR BEST at it!

We are emptying our toolboxes and even borrowing tools to give you the chance you deserve to succeed. You can be an avid runner, beginner or this could just be something you want to cross off your bucket list. This program was designed to help those individuals reach destinations they thought were impossible, that is if your willing to GRIND FOR IT! 

Group Running

This plan works on running technique, breathing, leg and core strength. This plan helps increase your weekly mileage gradually powered by a remote training plan fused with specific classes at GRIND HEALTH CLUB. There will be weekly or biweekly check-ins We help you identify high energy foods and snacks to aid energy with a general food guide .  When you succeed we succeed 

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Learn how to use less energy and run faster..  head over shoulders, shoulders over hips, hips over midfoot upon landing, and arm position. 

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Conserve energy and pump oxygen through the body for performance with a steadier pace and calmer mind ..  diaphragmatic breathing (deep belly breathing)


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